#VoteHeaux™ originated as a hashtag & sign-off phrase used for political posts on social media. As a Louisiana native with a penchant for colorful language and public service, the creator uses it often to implore people to get involved in our legislative process and perform their civic duty. In the tone of President Barack Obama's edict of "Don't boo, VOTE!", it became (and remains) a frequent expression when ranting about the dangers of ignoring our political system and our responsibility towards participating in it.

Freedom is not actually free, and democracy dies if you don't use it. Our country’s legislative system is basically a group project run on the honor system, and the only people who have a say in the day to day laws that govern our lives are the ones that constantly, consistently show up at the polls. Traditionally, for the midterm local and state elections, that has not been the majority of the voting public. One can safely assume this is why our current legislation does not reflect our values, nor does it meet our societal needs.

If your voice didn't matter, the people who benefit from keeping us poor, overworked, and oppressed wouldn't work so hard to make voting so difficult.

If voting weren't so difficult, maybe more voters would show up for our congressional elections every two years. The highest turnout we have had since 1914 was 49%. That was before women & minorities earned the right to vote!

If more than 49% of eligible voters voiced their opinion at the polls, maybe our legislators would work for the people who pay the taxes that fund their salaries, pensions, & healthcare, INSTEAD of working for the corporate interest lobbyists that pay them off for tax breaks.

Voting is our only weapon to fight fascism, authoritarianism, and oligarchy in this country. Don’t willingly participate in your own oppression with inaction. Don't allow cheaters to con you out of your power. If you want things to change, don't just complain about it on the internet and in your living room. Get up, get out, and Vote, Heaux™.⚜️🗳⚜️