Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Vote, Heaux™” mean?

In Louisiana, we have a penchant for colorful language & -eaux spellings. 
For us, “heaux” is a descriptive noun, representative of a person, place, or thing. 
Some examples: 

“That heaux crazy, but she DID THAT.”
“Who made the gumbo? This heaux spicy.”🥵

“Be ready to geaux when I get there, I’m not coming down to that heaux to wait outside all day.”

"If you don't vote, you a whole heaux outchea."🤬

Context is everything when you use it.

The creator of Vote Heaux™ frequently used the phrase as a sign off and hashtag for their social media posts when ranting about the state of our legislature. After hearing “this needs to be on a t-shirt” enough, they created the brand in an effort to raise voter awareness and help people understand the importance of performing their civic duty.

If you want your country's laws to match your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? You have to hire and fire legislators that actually listen to you. The only surefire way to make your voice heard is to 🗣GEAUX VOTE, HEAUX™! #VoteHeaux™